Buda Musique

Buda Musique is a French record label founded in 1986 in Paris that specializes in World Music. Since then, they’ve produced almost 500 volumes. Their most popular series, with over 300 volumes is called Musique du monde and features music from a variety of areas. Their most well-known and controversial collection is called Ethiopiques and features Ethiopian and Eritrean music, compiling works from Ethiopian-produced albums from the 60s and 70s. They have produced many volumes of African music, but the record company also features music of Ireland and European Jews among others. Buda Musique is a small, non-profit label that generally attracts those who are already fans of world music. Thus, there is no information online about profits or sale history. As Francis Falceto, an editor with the label explains, it is definitely a niche market regardless of how much media attention the volumes get. He describes the process of finding Ethiopian musicians, recording, arranging copyrights, and publishing the music to be a very tedious process. Since the production of the Ethiopiques series, some Ethiopian musicians associated with the project complained that Buda Musique did not pay them fairly and retained the copyrights to many of the songs recorded. In response, Falceto only tried to displace the blame elsewhere within the organization.


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