The Culmination of Oberlin’s Brazil Week

On Wednesday, I attended the final event of Oberlin’s Festa Brasiliera. It was a Samba dance in Hales gym. I entered the gym at 8:30, as the half hour lesson before the performance was culminating. One of the PI ensembles was performing and as each song ended, more instrumentalists joined the band until it featured multiple singers and percussionists, and a sax and trumpet, among others. The audience was dancing and exchanging samba steps. Because a friend and I had arrived late, we were a little confused as to what was happening, but mini workshops were taking place all around us. I was able to pick up lots of little steps from my friends around me and was eventually able to dance to the beat. I was surprised to learn that some of my friends are incredible dancers. There was a woman teaching some beautiful and complicated moves to a large group. An adorable little boy was cartwheeling back and forth in front of the band. It was awesome to hear Oberlin students playing and dancing to Samba and was a great way to end O Brasil!


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